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How to enable SMTP on Gmail account and use it with custom domain?

Note: This is suitable for managing personal email services and small websites.

If you have an online business, you should consider using a professional email address. All hosting providers include the option to use email with their hosting packages. To use this service of Gmail, you need to buy a hosting and a domain first. Once these are purchased you will need to create an email account from the hosting panel. Once the email is created from the hosting panel, login to your Gmail account to start the configuration process.

Remember, you need to set up pop3 as it is responsible for receiving emails. Using it for your domain’s mail configuration, you basically instruct Gmail to download all your messages from the hosting email server.

Now follow the steps carefully given below:

  1. Log into your Gmail account (mail.google.com)
  2. Click on the Settings icon from the upper right corner and click See all settings


  1. Go to Accounts and Import tab, click on Add a mail account


  1. A pop-up window will appear, just enter your created business email address and click on Next


  1. Allow Gmail to “Import emails from your other account”using POP3, and click on Next


  1. In this step Gmail will ask you to enter the POP settings for your newly created business email account. Enter the following settings in the respective fields
    • Username: youremail@domainname.com
    • Password: your email password
    • Incoming server: mail.domainname.com
    • POP3 port: 995


Note: Make sure to select the options that are selected in the image below and replace youremail@domainname.com with your newly created business email.

  1. Click on Add Account. Google will confirm that it has added your email account.

Once you see the confirmation, Gmail will download all the messages from your email hosting. In fact, each mail that arrives will go into your Gmail inbox, and a copy of it will remain on the server. You will be able to read them, however, you would not be able to reply just yet since the SMTP service is not enabled. Now is time to enable SMTP on your Gmail account so that you can send email also. To do this, follow the steps given below:

  1. After clicking Add Account, you will see a pop-up window and you will have to allow Gmail to treat that other email address as your alias.


  1. Gmail will ask you for your server’s SMTP settings, and you can use the below settings:
    • SMTP Server: mail.domainname.com
    • Username: youremail@domainname.com
    • Password: your email password
    • SMTP port: 465
    • Click on Add Account



  1. This is the last step where you need to verify your domain name by clicking the link you will receive in your youremail@domainname.com inbox or copy the confirmation code and enter in the given box to complete verification.


That’s it. You have successfully completed the configuration process.

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